Faculty/Staff Directory

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Photo Name Title Group Email Phone Website
  Babiarz, Kristie Middle School Teacher Email
Photo for Beiter, Carrie Beiter, Carrie Occupational Therapist Email
Photo for Buonvino, Anne Buonvino, Anne Director of Admissions Email
  Burrini, Kristina Lower School Teacher Email
Photo for Bustamante, Phyllis Bustamante, Phyllis Business Manager Email
Photo for Castner, Heather Castner, Heather Lower School Teacher, Grade 4 Homeroom Email
Photo for Cerritto, Teresa Cerritto, Teresa Director of Music and Performing Arts Email
Photo for Codey, Bonnie Codey, Bonnie Advancement Associate Email
Photo for Cordrey, Elissa Cordrey, Elissa Director of Advancement Email
Photo for Cotton, Margee Cotton, Margee Blue Book Program Teacher Email
Photo for Davis, Cynthia Davis, Cynthia Middle School Teacher - 8th Grade Home - Science Email 973-379-4114
Photo for Debevoise, Abigail Debevoise, Abigail Lower School Division Head, Grade 5 Homeroom Email
Photo for Dercole, Peter Dercole, Peter Physical Education and Health Teacher Email
Photo for Detaranto, Leeann Detaranto, Leeann Assistant to the Head of School Leeann Email
Photo for Drake, Betty Drake, Betty Lower School Teacher Email
Photo for Foster, Kathleen Foster, Kathleen Middle School Teacher-7th Grade Homeroom-Math Email
  Halkias, Maria Lower School Teacher, Grade 2 Homeroom Email
Photo for Kass, Daniele Kass, Daniele Director of Curriculum and Instruction Email
Photo for Leiderman, Beth Leiderman, Beth Psychologist Email
Photo for Lewis, Peter Lewis, Peter Head of School Email
  Minter, Rene Teacher Assistant Email
Photo for Neely, Timothy Neely, Timothy Teacher Assistant Email
Photo for Newell, Jenna Newell, Jenna Middle School Teacher - 6th Grade Homeroom - Math Email
Photo for Pazdera, Karen Pazdera, Karen Speech Language Pathologist Email
Photo for Rabinowitz, Barbara Rabinowitz, Barbara Middle School Teacher Email
Photo for Reiter, Andrea Reiter, Andrea School Counselor Email
Photo for Schuster, Jill Schuster, Jill Assistant Head of School, Middle School Division Head Email
Photo for Spiratos, Spiro Spiratos, Spiro Middle School Teacher - 7th Grade Homeroom- Social Studies Email
  Stevens, David Middle School Teacher -7th Grade Homeroom Email
Photo for Suell, Brian Suell, Brian Lower School Teacher, Grade 5 Homeroom Email
Photo for Thompson, Susan Thompson, Susan Middle School Teacher - 8th Grade Homeroom - Reading Email
Photo for Vaporis, Molly Vaporis, Molly Teacher of Art and Technology Email