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The Winston School of Short Hills educates students who, though intellectually capable, have had difficulties in school typically due to language-based learning differences. The goal of The Winston School is to enable our students to meet with confidence, the academic and social challenges of life. The Winston School fosters the potential and optimism in each child by cultivating intellectual, social, and emotional growth in a positive and stimulating environment.
The Winston mission has remained consistent over the years as we have fully dedicated ourselves towards meeting the academic and emotional needs of all our students. We have inculcated in our students and in our graduates the confidence and the optimism to meet their personal academic and social challenges.
We train children to “work dynamically and thoughtfully while protecting and nourishing their souls.”

We understand that a child often has to take “alternate routes for academic success” and these are “the secondary, bumpier and slower back roads.”

We believe strongly that our students will successfully “get to their destinations over time” and will benefit enormously from the bold, structured, innovative, and conscientious training and instruction Winston provides.
To use the words of Dr. Sally Shaywitz of the Yale University Dyslexia and Creativity Center, the author of “Overcoming Dyslexia,” and a frequent lecturer at The Winston School of Short Hills.