Primary School Program

The Winston Primary School program supports learners in grades 1, 2 and 3. This program provides a supportive and nurturing environment in which students are encouraged to apply their creativity and inquiry across subject areas. Small group, multi-sensory instructional environments characterize the Primary School classes. Each class is led by a Head teacher and supported by an Associate teacher.

Each student in the Primary School receives an instructional program of core academic subjects as well as additional support classes. In addition to a reading class and language arts class, all students receive a supplemental reading class that provides additional intensive review of reading and language skills. The Project Read curriculum, an Orton Gillingham-based method,  is used in all reading classes for phonics and spelling instruction.  The Four Square Writing Method is utilized for writing instruction across content areas. As students move through the Primary School curriculum, they are also introduced to the Judith Hochman Method, which becomes a significant component of the Lower School writing curriculum. Mathematics instruction is supported by the VMath and My Math programs which emphasize a strong foundation in mathematics skills and support reading and language challenges. Science and Social Studies instruction encourages student collaboration through hands-on experience and inquiry-driven instruction. Supplemental support programs vary and may include Winston’s Blue Book program (a decoding program based on visual imagery), Speech and Language, and Occupational Therapy. Art, music, health, physical education, technology, and social skills classes are integral components of the Primary School program.

With attention to improving student’s skills and growing confidence, Primary School students are engaged in a wealth of multi-sensory and cross-curricular opportunities that promote diverse and meaningful connections to real-world concepts.


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