Parent Association

Greetings from The Winston School Parent Association. The PA is the parent/guardian organization in charge of family activities, small fundraisers and family service projects. Families are automatic members of the association. There is a suggested membership fee.

The association is governed by an elected board and has parent/guardian representatives in each grade. This year’s executive board members are:

Kate Vail & Karen Lemme - Co-President
Paula Rush - Treasurer
Sherel Hersch - Secretary

Primary school Member at Large - Mica Sylvester
Lower School Member at Large - Jill Kujbus
Middle School Member at Large - Sherel Hersch


Class Parents:
Grades 1 & 2 - Naheed Abbasi
Grade 3 - Kelly Cavin
Grade 4 - Jill Kujbus
Grade 5 - Nancy Engman
Grade 6 - Monique Degnan
Grade 7 - Sarah Schulman, Laura Stemmler, and Nicole Stratemeier
Grade 8 - Angie Drakulich




The Parent Association is always looking for new ideas to make our school a better place.  Please take a moment and share any ideas or suggestions that the Parent Association could implement.  If you are interested in volunteering please complete form.



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